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We cater to the needs of today's businesses' and individuals that require a web presence. Getting your business on the web is no small job, nor should it be treated as one. It can yield amazing results, and reach potential customers worldwide. We can create web pages of all styles, whether you are a small business looking to establish your web presence, or you are a larger corporation looking to gain a competitive edge. We will work with you, step by step, to make sure that you get the page you want. No templates, no stock images, all custom made, all to your specifications.


  • Concept - First job is to visualize the concept of the website and then a theme is generated to best reflect your organization's Image that the website is trying to portray towards the target market.
  • Interface - Once the concept and theme of the site have been decided, we decide on the look and feel of the website and design a suitable protoype of your website which will be shown to you.
  • Actual Design - Once the site interface has been developed original work starts. The site-in-progress will be made available to you in a directory under our website so that you can keep track on the progress. At this stage your suggestion will be a great help.
  • Site Hosting - Once the site is completed to your satisfaction, we host the site if necessary, or will setup the site on a server of your preferred host.
  • Maintenance - A good website is never completed. If you entrust us with an annual maintenance of your website, we will maintain your website throughout the year taking care of all content updates.

It is our continuous endeavor to see that our work is quality-oriented and is a source of satisfaction to our clients. The scope of our web-development tasks include:

  • content writing - from scratch or from data supplied
  • layout designing
  • designing of appropriate themes, keeping in view the nature and content of the site so that it reflects the client's organization/product
  • designing custom graphics including logo (separate cost)
  • ensuring cross-browser compatibility and cross-platform compatibility
  • appropriate meta-tagging for maximum acceptance by the major search engines
  • submission to major search engines (one time)
  • subsequent submissions to the search engines and monitoring the position is undertaken if specifically assigned by the client
  • religious manual checking of codes and editing to flush out excess and unnecessary tags to ensure the highest quality of output
  • optimization of codes and graphics to reduce the load-time and maintain consistency in most resolutions

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