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We undertake development of customized software. Our team of software developers hold expertise in designing and developing programs for database management. We work with each client on a personal level, and through this our customers receive top of the line results and superior service.

The development process at Z-bring aims at ensuring customer interaction and full customer satisfaction. The process is divided into separate modules and implemented in stages.
On commissioning we ensure that all the nitty-gritty's laid down in the specifications have been complied with.

  • First Stage - Initialization
    The very first phase consists of understanding the scope of work at the customer's site and drawing up an overall plan for the execution of the project.
  • Second Stage - Specifications Generation
    Identifying the clients needs and opportunities in detail. Understanding of the business requirements. Extensive interviews with the persons concerned at all levels at the client's place. The result is a document known as "specs" or Specifications that outlines the business needs and the best software solutions. This document is presented to the client for getting confirmation.
  • Third Stage - Design Specifications
    The Design Specifications of the systems are identified from the specifications generated. Design Specifications' include all the necessary steps for design, delivery and implementation of the project.
  • Fourth Stage - Software Development and Testing
    This is the stage where the actual development takes place. Testing and debugging goes on alongside.
  • Fifth Stage - Implementation and Trial Run
    Implementation and trial run is undertaken at the client's site. After successful trial runs, the software is ready to be used by the client. We also define the parameters of manual workflow vis--vis the computerized environment.
  • Sixth Stage - Training
    Training to the client's personnel on the said software may be carried out during this stage. A User Guide and On-line Help can also be provided if required. We also guide the users on creation of the necessary Master Files.
  • Seventh Stage - Subsequent Support and Enhancements
    We ensure post-implementation support.

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